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Simple Share Purchase Agreement India

Seller is not liable for any accrued taxes or penalties and is not liable or in arrears to any government or private pension, social security or unemployment insurance authority.

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All such licenses which are held in the name of any employee, officer, director, stockholder, agent or otherwise on behalf of the Company shall be deemed included under this warranty.

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These schemes or download free now situated at any attempt by simple share purchase agreement india? PER SHARE, AND GRANTS TO CERTAINSHAREHOLDERS OF THE COMPANY CERTAIN OPTIONS TO PURCHASE ANDSELL THE EQUITY SHARES. The fees and expenses of such accounting firm shall be borne equally by Seller and Buyer.

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Parties are generally free to choose the governing law and it need not have a connection with the location of the parties or the subject matter of the contract. The formalities for execution will be governed by the law of incorporation of the relevant foreign company. Notices to Governmental Agencies.

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Sellers or Purchaser of the breach of any covenant of this Agreement shall be construed as a waiver of any preceding or succeeding breach of the same or any other covenant or condition of this Agreement.

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While certain words or phrases can be defined in the body of a contract, any words or phrases with meanings that are critical, ambiguous or require lengthy definitions or explanations should be included in the definitions section.

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The unit must be able to satisfy themselves that the reported inventory value is materially accurate. Prior to the Closing Date, the Purchaser will make itself available to discuss with each Transferred Employee the terms of the individual employment offers. You will list who must make repairs to the property based on the findings from the inspection.

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